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    • install image* Free backyard consultation is key to having a perfect above ground pool experience. We come over to your residence and provide you with every answer to every question you can possibly have concerning above ground pool installation, purchasing and pool care.


    • * Customizing the package you want and that you desire. Yes there are cookie cutter packages to get you started. This every above ground pool supplier has to offer. We will provide you with necessary information so that choosing an equipment package that is right for you, not us.


    • * Scheduling your installation will be fairly easy compared to other companies. For starters we give you a date when we are hired by you. Other companies place you in que and then call on you when they are ready. We don’t like that type of garbage to cloud your experience. Yes we do get real busy and if we are so busy we cannot give you a date we will let you know up front. Having a date where we all can rely on is critical to the whole process of events and gives you a peace of mind knowing you have a date penciled in already.


    • * Experience is something we pride ourselves on. We have guys that have experience in the field of above ground pools that comes with time. Yes we have newbies each and every year but when you have experience leading the way newbies are trained quicker and are more efficient. One full year workmanship warranty is given with every installation.


  • * Other pool companies give you a grand total of “Three Months” as a warranty. This is bullcrap if you ask us. So what they are saying is after three months they don’t want you as a customer. We take a different approach. If you understand that if you desire that we be there ten years from now, then it is clear that we need you to have a sound installation. Installation is the key for us because we know if we can handle an installation correctly you will call on us later when you need a liner change or to upgrade your equipment.

*Our pool installation pricing

Pool Size Pool, Liner skimmer and return Only installation All Inclusive pool package including excavation *Excavation base 1.5 hr.
minimum charges
15ft $550 $700-$850 $150-$300
18ft $600 $750-$900 $150-$300
20/21ft $700 $1000 $300
24ft $800 $1,100 $300
27/28ft $950 $1,250 $300
30ft $1200 $1,500 $300
12x24ft $1,400 $1,700 $300
15x30ft $1,600 $1,950 $350
18x33ft $1700 $2,050 $350

* Excavation Charges are determined by base price above that includes 1.5 hours service with each additional hour being $150.00. (Most excavations are handled within 1.5 hours or less) .system, hose hook-ups as well as most A-Frame ladders. Some complicated walk in steps/entry systems may require extra charges to build. .

* Sand or stone base is required to build pools. This is determined by size of pool and is not included in pool installation charges above. Sand delivery chart Customer is responsible for having sand or stone base materials delivered to pool site.  We can arrange this for you and customer is responsible for sand companies charges.

Sand delivery chart

Customer is responsible for having sand or stone base materials delivered to pool site. See chart below for explanation of “How much is needed” and “where to place it”.

arrow-1-pngSand delivery chart


Above-Ground Pool Installation Includes:

  • Excavation of 1.5 hours (anything over 1.5 hours is at $150.00 per hr.) 
  • Level pool frame to manufacturer’s specifications. 
  • Patio blocks under each upright. 
  • Erection of pool. 
  • Construction of filter pad
  • Assembly of filter system including hoses, clamps and chlorinators. 
  • Installation of skimmer and return Install Salt water generation portion of salt systems. 
  • Most A-frame ladders and steps. (some require extra charges) 
  • Lesson on pool and filter operation. 

Customer’s Responsibilities:


  • Building permits, local zoning law requirements 
  • Removal of trees and stumps 
  • Removal of excavated earth 
  • Base materials- Sand or Stone dust) 
  • Removal of unforeseen obstacles such as ledge, large boulders, hard pan, etc. 
  • Power source and electrical wiring for filter. 
  • Disposal of packaging 
  • Water 
  • Assembly of some ladders and steps 
  • Placing stone around finished pool (ASAP)


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  • Got right to work, and had the whole job completed in very little time. Above Ground Builder did an excellent installing the new liner, and it look great.  I would recommend them to anyone needing above ground pool work..

    - B Zac

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