Above Ground Pool Installation

How do I get that pool in my backyard?


Do you guys install only the pools you sell?  Yes but we also install pools from elsewhere providing the pool being installed meets our standards. Some pools aren’t worth the time or effort for us to be involved with. With that said there are many reputable dealers both in our area and across the country. 

The best way to start the process of owning an above-ground swimming pool is to fill out the form. This will get the ball rolling. 

Pool Installation- Our Responsibility

1. Installing your new swimming pool according to manufacturers’ specifications.
2. We supply excavation through our various trusted excavation contractors. Minimum $400-$600 for most excavations. Your specific excavation cost is known upfront and could vary depending on your specific excavation requirements.
3. We have connections for mason and stone dust. How much and costs are determined by your size pool and specific manufacturer’s installation requirements.
4. Using patio blocks under each upright for support, even when the manufacturer doesn’t deem it necessary.
5. Installing the complete filtration system, including skimmer, pump & filter, chlorinator (if applicable), and all hoses.
6. Move excavated grass to a pre-determined location within a reasonable distance from the pool area. If you require the removal of excavated earth? This will be an added cost to the homeowner. Typically excavated earth is located on homeowners’ property somewhere out of the way. How much will be determined by the scope of your installation.
7. Typically we leave boxes from the new pool stacked neatly in your yard or on the curb for trash pickup. We cannot haul away these cardboard materials.

Pool Installation- Homeowners Responsibility

1. Pull a permit if necessary. Most, if not all, cities and towns require permits. We do not pull permits for you. The homeowner must secure the permit if necessary.
2. Homeowner must be present for excavation and pool installation. We will not install a pool unless the homeowner is present. Questions can arise during installation.
4. Know your city/town regulations. ie: how far away the pool must be from property lines, dwellings, etc. Again we do not obtain installation permits so proper information must be conveyed to us.
5. Provide clear access/path for the excavation equipment to get to the pool site. If access is not possible, there will be an additional charge to dig by hand. Bobcat needs 7 feet in width for access. If base material can not be dumped in the excavated site. There may be extra charges for us to move this material by wheel barrel.
6. Inform us of any issues below the surface of the lawn. (septic systems, leech fields, sprinklers, etc.) It is very important we know of any obstructions in our around where the pool will be installed.
7. Please have a usable electrical outlet within a reasonable distance from the pool area. We need this for construction purposes. plugin a vacuum etc.
8. Water must be supplied by a garden hose and long enough to reach the pool. We must start filling your new pool with a water hose regardless of whether the water is being trucked in. Setting the pool liner is crucial during installation.
9. After we install your new pool you will need to fill the pool halfway. When this is completed you will call, text, or email us and let us know it’s half-filled with water. We will then return asap to cut in skimmer and return. If you’re requiring an outside service to fill the new pool? Just have them stop just below the return/skimmer area. This way we can install a skimmer/return with no issues.
10. Homeowner is responsible for backfilling the outside of the pool crushed stone. This protects the pool itself and prevents the sand from washing away in the future. This greatly prolongs the life of your pool. Failure to do this will void the warranty as well as our labor warranty.
11. Know the manufacturer’s policy on defective liners. This is highly unlikely but we do see 1 or 2 defective liners once in a while. In the event that you get a defective liner, it is your responsibility to identify the defect and let us know asap. If purchasing a pool through us? We will do this determine for you.

Pool Installation Pricing 2022

Pool size Pool and Liner  Installation   Mason Sand Delivery Excavation Old Pool Takedown Filtration System Assembly Ladders and steps
15 $800 $250 $400 minimum $400 Included Extra
18 $850 $250 $400 minimum $400 Included Extra
21 $950 $250 $400 minimum $400 Included Extra
24 $1000 $250 $400 minimum $500 Included Extra
27 $1,200 $300 $400 minimum $600 Included Extra
12×24 $1,650 $250 $400 minimum $500 Included Extra
15×26 $1,800 $250 $400 minimum $600 Included Extra
15×30 $2,000 $300 $500 minimum $600 Included Extra
18×33 $2.400 $300 $500 minimum $700 Included Extra

Excavation is determined on an individual basis.
** Slat-wall pools add $600 for rounds and $800 for Ovals

Pool Liner replacement 2021

  • labor only- Includes cutting old liner into pieces and placing in trash bags for customer removal. Resurfacing pool floor to manufacture specifications and installing new liner.
  • We also include removing used skimmer and return and re-attaching them at final step.
  • If your pool needs a new skimmer or return it should be purchased before replacement day. Not responsible for used equipment leaks. It’s best to always replace skimmer and return.


Pool size cost
15 $600.00
18 $650.00
21 $700.00
24 $750.00
27 $800.00
12×24 $800.00
15×26 $850.00
15×30 $875.00
18×33 $950.00