Customer initiates contact with us for Pool Installation. We call and or email and schedule a home visit. There is a $150 consultation fee for this visit. This fee goes towards any service we provide you with in the future.

We understand you have a lot of unique questions about your project. We meet you and address your questions. We have some neat ideas too, as we have done this a few hundred times. All while standing in your backyard. This is why our visit is so important.

From here if you decide to work with us. We will provide a written quote based on what we discuss in person. If accepted, We will then draw up an invoice and collect a 30% down payment and provide an install agreement. Install agreement is signed.

Billing will be 30% down payment, 40% On installation day, and then the final 30% in a follow-up visit in the days following installation. This final visit is important to you and for us. We want to make sure we met your expectations. We will start up the filtration system for the first time and check for leaks.

Payment flow

The process as follows:

  1. The pool installation agreement gets signed, and the installation process starts.
  2. Once we receive your down payment. We will reach out via phone or email to schedule the Installation.
  3. Next, we send your information to our excavation contractor Jim. Jim will call you to schedule his excavation visit 1-3 weeks before installation day. Most of our excavations take place before installation day. Sometimes the weather is a factor. In such cases, we install ASAP. Should a weather event occur, we pick up where we left off. In the event we become backed up with a lot of installations due to weather. We reserve the right to schedule around weather as necessary. We cannot predict the weather.
  4. On the day of installation, we will schedule delivery of Stone Dust to the pool site. We hire an outside landscape material supplier (D&D Mulch). In most cases this delivery comes while we are present. Meaning we handle it. Sometimes they come earlier than we do. It’s important you know where the base material goes if we aren’t present. Please see below for the placement of sand. In the event, you have no access for delivery to the pool site? Delivery will be to the driveway. If we must move tonnage of this material from your driveway to the work site by wheel barrel, it is 150$-$200 in extra charges.
  5. Pool-Installation-Day. Please provide us with an electrical outlet in which we will need to plug in a vacuum. We have extension cord’s. We will also need access to your water hose so we may start to fill your new pool. You can expect us to wait for the water level to be at a safe level for us to cut skimmer and return openings. If water pressure/flow is slow, we may leave and come back the next day to cut in skimmer and return. The lead installer will determine if this is necessary.
  6. The filtration system gets connected to the pool via skimmer and return hoses. We only install Ladders and Steps Purchased from us. Please be advised we do not assemble ladder or steps purchased elsewhere.
  7. If your filtration equipment is from us. We will provide any callback service necessary to fix leaks. This is why we schedule a return visit after installation.
  8. Once we have installed your new pool, you will continue filling it with the water hose. If you opted for a water truck to fill your swimming pool. Have the water truck come a day after installation.
  9. We will hand over all warranty and brochure paperwork. The next 30% installation payment is due at this time. We accept cash or check only for our installation services.
  10. We will follow up in the days after installation. You let us know when pool is filled and we will schedule this visit. We will start up filtration and make sure you are pointed in the right direction.

At this time the final 30% minus initial visitation charge of 150$.

During these last couple of years. We have noticed many inferior pumps and filter systems being sold online. Suppose you purchased a filtration system through one of these online dealers. We will let you know as we come across them as they tend to be more drippy/leaky systems compared to ours.
“IF your reading this ahead of your purchase feel free to ask our advice”

Base Material Driveway
The material in a Driveway
Install banner
15x26 sahara
Finished pool

Base Material- Where it should be deilivered

Base material- Where it goes

Filtration System- Where it should be placed

Where it should be placed