Above ground pool liner installation

How does the process work?

  1. Measuring
    Liner measurement’s are taken to ensure an exact fitting liner. A snug fitting liner is what you want. during this time we can answer all your questions.
  2. Pool Inspection
    Pool inspection process involves checking the stability, integrity and its useful life. You should know the condition of your pool before replacing the liner. When liner replacement is necessary the water will need to be pumped out. The best way is with a small pump. (We do not pump out water)
  3. Research
    Once you are armed with the correct measurements and the pool you’re replacing the liner in is capable of receiving a new liner. Now the real challenge comes at finding the best above ground pool liner for your particular pool. We will personally guide you and answer all your questions regarding above ground pool liners. We know many of you perhaps experience many sources saying different things. We will help you sort through all this, you will be more knowledgeable about pool liners in general. See our youtube videos pertaining to pool liners.
  4. Selection
    Most swimming pools sold today come with beaded liners. So chances are good that yours will be a beaded liner. When it comes to replacing any pool liner the general rule of thumb is to get exactly what is in your pool now. We will help you determine what is best for you.
  5. Installation
     We have installed more than 3,500 pool liners over the past 20 years and have the experience that time creates. Most replacements take less than a few hours. we try and keep a very tight schedule as we do get many liner replacement jobs each season.

Pool liner Installation pricing (Labor Only, does not include brand new pool liner)

Pool Size*Liner Replacement ChargesIncludes releveling repairing the sand and skimmer,return and pump hook-ups*Bag Old liner

*Does not include new liner. We place your old liner into construction waste bags for free. We can remove for a fee of ($100.00).  We reattach skimmer, return and filtration system just the way we come across it. If for any reason you need a gasket of hose etc. We’ll let you know so you can make decisions to replace them. The base is re-leveled to manufacturers specs.

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  • Working with a mostly online company can often leave you with more questions then answers, but I definitely did not feel like that while working with Above Ground Pool Builders, out of Walpole, MA.
    After our phone conversation with Lisa in the office I was able to set up a meeting with David to come to our home. We were shown all types of pools with various price ranges, and all the products, materials that go along with it. Great service, knowledagbe and friendly staff. In the end, all my questions were answered.
    Highly recommended!

    Angela and Jeff
    Franklin, MA