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Pool Liner Replacement Pricing 2022

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Liner Replacement Charges

Customer Initiates the replacement process by inquiring for a pool liner replacement. You may have experienced a rip or tear in the liner. Or want to stay one step ahead by replacing the older liner before it does develop leaking.

Custome calls or emails us. We schedule a pool inspection and measure. To provide you with the best replacement outcome, we first need to see the pool.

We charge $150 to come Inspect, Measure, and help you with Liner selection. Whether you buy from us or not, it’s best to have us take a look. This fee goes towards any service we provide you with in the future

Above Ground Pool Liner Agreement

Download Pool Liner Replacement Agreement here

Above Ground Pool Builder handles:

  1. Removing existing liner and placing in supplied trash bags for customer disposal.
  2. We will remove the old skimmer and water return. We recommend a new skimmer and return.
  3. We will disconnect hoses at the return and skimmer.
  4. Will rework base material underneath the old liner. Any major re-leveling work will result in extra costs.
  5. If provided, we will install a Liner Guard,  Armor Shield, or Rhino Pool Pad at no more charges to the homeowner.
  6. We will install the liner to manufacturer specifications. We are doing our absolute best to provide you with a wrinkle-free liner.  
  7. We will reattach the skimmer, water return, and hoses. We cannot guarantee that they will not develop a drip. When reattaching your old skimmer, return, or hoses. It’s is why we recommend new ones.
  8.  We will hand over warranty paperwork supplied by the manufacturer. Give you the safety stickers that come inside your liner box. If your pool liner didn’t come with stickers. It’s your responsibility to get them from who you bought the liner.

Above Ground Pool Builder needs your support to replace the pool liner on a scheduled day.

  1. The pool must be empty of water and debris. We cannot change the pool liner if water and or material debris are in the pool. We do not pump out old standing water or clean your pool from debris.
  2. An electrical outlet (plug) is needed to plug a vacuum for a wrinkle-free liner.
  3. Please supply us with a workable water hose to start to fill. So we can install the skimmer and return. Water by hose is needed regardless of whether you order a water truck. We will use enough to prevent wrinkles as necessary.

Above Ground Pool Builder is not responsible for

  1. We are not responsible for the old skimmer, returns, or hoses that we have reattached that drip. We always recommend a new skimmer and return for liner replacement.
  2. We will not be responsible for you ordering a wrong liner. Or if you supplied the wrong skimmer.
  3. We will not be responsible for falling debris. Or other weather-related incidents after installing the new liner.
  4. We will not be responsible for any defective parts re-used and not replaced.
  5. We will not be responsible for your defective liner if purchased by you.

We will tell the filling process on the day of installation. In most cases, we can wrap up all in one day. But, sometimes due to low water pressure, we will need to come back asap to install the skimmer and return.

Next, you will go online and activate your liner warranty with the pool manufacturer. Our quality guarantee (Workmanship) is for one full year. This guarantee does not protect you against any acts of mother nature. Or a defective liner you purchased from us.

99% of the time, everything goes smoothly. We do our best to ensure you will have the best and longest-lasting installation possible.

Download Pool Liner Replacement Agreement here

We have installed more than 3,000 pool liners over the past 24 years and have the experience that only time creates. Most replacements take less than a few hours.