Above ground pool liner installation

How does the process work?

Please start by filling out the form below. Answer all the questions the best you can. It’s important that we gather as much information as possible in order to provide you with the fastest service. Thank You!

Pool liner installation pricing

Installation charges can vary a great deal depending on a whole host of different situations. By filling out the form above and submitting it will give you the best quote possible.

Prices for labor start at $300.00 and can go as high as $1,200.00, this depends on associated labor being performed.

Cost of Pool Liner

The cost of pool liner ranges from $100-$850.00 depending on the size of the pool and attachment you may choose. It also depends on other factors such as the washed-out base and or other repairs needed.


Pool Liner replacement 2021

  • labour only- Includes cutting old liner into pieces and placing in trash bags for customer removal. Resurfacing pool floor to manufacture specifications and installing new liner.
  • We also include removing used skimmer and return and re-attaching them at final step.
  • If your pool needs a new skimmer or return it should be purchased before replacement day. Not responsible for used equipment leaks. It’s best to always replace skimmer and return.


Pool size Cost
15 $600.00
18 $650.00
21 $700.00
24 $750.00
27 $800.00
12X24  $800.00
15X26  $850.00
15X30  $875.00
18X33  $950.00