Above Ground Pool Opening

Pool openings can be scheduled as early as March. When you decide to open your pool you should consider. Allowing more time than you think for cleaning and addressing any issues before using the pool again.


Let us Uncover and Prepare Your Pool for Swimming

Whats Included:

  1. Removing debris from your pool cover
  2. Remove the pool cover
  3. Remove Cover Clips or water bags if used
  4. Remove plates, Gizzmos, Plugs or any other weatherization parts like Equilizer Pillows
  5. Clean and Fold Pool Cover and place it where you store it during swim season
  6. Place all weatherization parts away for the swim season
  7. Install skimmer baskets
  8. Check O-Rings and Lubricate them appropriately
  9. Hook Up Filtration System and test
  10. Go over any concerns or recommendations with you

Add-on Pool Opening Services to Consider

Your Pool may have had lots of Oils like sunblock and sun-tan lotions that need to be addressed. Residue can build up and shorten the life of your equipment. A quick chemical clean-up can solve this issue and prolong the life of your equipment.

It’s also a great idea to clean salt cells. Salt cells get calcium buildup and need physical-chemical cleaning to allow them to work efficiently.

You may want to hire us to keep cleaning the pool until it’s clean and ready for swimming with our “Clean Until Clear” service. In this option, we’ll get the water to circulate, physically clean the pool, and chemicalize until it’s clean and ready for use. This will require a return visit.

Filter Cleaning

Salt Cell Cleaning

Clean Until Clear