Above Ground Pool Replacement

Step one begins with trying to purchase the exact same pool size. Try to make sure the new frame is the same size or smaller. If your pool is no longer manufactured then you should know diameter, height and size of the frame on the original pool. Purchasing a new pool and only going by the diameter and height will not a guarantee it will fit against the deck. In fact all manufacturers of above ground pools make their pools with slightly different diameters, longer and shorter wall lengths and different number of uprights. Unfortunately the manufacturers are in competition against one another at your expense. A typical salesperson will not explain much of this because they do not have experience installing pools. In order to match your deck, stick with the same size frame or smaller. On countless occasions before I started selling pools, I had to inform our installation customers that we couldn’t install their new pool because the deck was in the way due to the larger pool size or number of uprights did not match the previous pool.

Step two Count the uprights on your old pool; purchase a new pool with same number of uprights. Remember the deck was built after the original pool was installed, so it has specific requirements related to the measurements, uprights and angles. Manufacturers build their pools with different amount of uprights, having the same number will result in large percentage of the new pool lining up with the deck.

The third step will have you exploring the different types of above ground swimming pools. Your choices are Aluminum semi-In Ground, Aluminum sheet wall, Resin, Steel or a Hybrid pool. Please refer to our video titled, “Types of Above Ground Pools”. In this video we describe each type of pool and provide you highlights of the pools..

Next, in step number four you will choose the components that fall under the category of pool equipment. This equipment includes pool liners, filtration system, sanitation systems and pool entry systems. You may or not need some of this equipment. Purchasing all at once can save you over buying separately.

Finally, step five guides you to find a pool installation expert. There are many above ground pool installation companies across the county, The Above Ground Pool Builder has a section of our website dedicated to finding all the service contractors in your state. For our local customers we offer a free backyard visit. We can also help you if you’re an out of state customer by having conversations via “telephone” or “Skype”. You can send us pictures and video of your backyard so we can have eyes on your backyard as we answer every question you have.

There you have it, five steps for first time above ground pool purchaser. Please explore all of our information packed videos and have a look at our “pool-help blog”. Feel free drop us an email or call us for any additional questions you may have.

Thank you for considering the Above Ground Pool Builder.


As a First Time Pool Shopper you have more Questions than a customer who is replacing a Pool. For us to Best help you, we need to know whether you are in our LOCAL or OUTSIDE OF OUR LOCAL AREA.


As a first time pool purchaser you have a few things to learn about the process. In this video we share the 5 steps to purchasing an above ground pool.

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