Does one need liner padding to go underneath there liner when replacing a pool liner? The answer is yes and no. Today’s manufacturers are extending warranty coverage for those who purchase and install Armor Shield floor protection. Instead of a
This new Confer 7200 Roll Guard ladder is made by Confer Plastics and is becoming a leader in A-Frame safety ladders.  Roll Guard is able to be used with almost any above ground swimming pool. Will fit top ledges up
The most common above ground pool liners attachments are: Overlap J-hook Regular Bead (standard) Uni-Bead EZ-Bead Johnny Weissmuller and Ester Williams bead #1 Overlap liner The overlap liner is seen from the outside of an above ground swimming pool.  It
INTRODUCTION The Above Ground Pool Builder has been installing above ground pool liners for a quarter of a century. We have learned throughout the years that following a system is the best way to replace above ground pool liners. We
  Today let’s learn “How to Choose the Correct Ladder or Steps, for your above ground pool”. So you have decided to purchase an above ground swimming pool; now you’re wondering what type of ladder or steps to get. Let
Today we will explore the different above ground pool filtration systems. There are three basic types of filter systems. • Sand Filtration • Cartridge Filtration • DE Filtration ( DE stands for DIATOMACEOUS EARTH) First let’s start with Sand filters:
Welcome to the Above Ground Pool Builder; today let’s discuss pool decks. What are your options for above ground pool decking?   Here, you will see some really cool deck ideas and learn about the different options available. The first
Today we will learn about the base materials used in above ground pool construction. There are two types that are most commonly used in above ground pool construction. • Mason Sand and • Stone Dust Above ground pools require a
  Step one begins with a telephone call to your city or town’s Building Inspector’s office. Most cities and towns have rules and regulations for above ground swimming pools. They can also have specific rules pertaining to your land, for
water fill
You are having an above ground pool installed and you want to know if getting a water truck is the best option for you. This is a good question and it has a yes and no associated with it. There

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  • Above Ground Builder did a great job replacing my 18′ round pool liner. Dave and his crew arrived a little before they said they would arrive. I would recommend them to anyone needing above ground pool work..

    David N