Hiring Professionals Vs. Self Installing A Pool What’s Better?

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Summer is coming soon, which means you will need a place in your house where you can relax and remain cool after work. For such a task, there can be no better choice than an above ground pool in your backyard. 

A pool is a dream of many people, but when it comes to installing it homeowners make a big mistake by thinking they can do it on their own! 

Indeed, you can learn anything from the internet and complete many difficult tasks, but when it comes to placing an above ground pool, you must hire a professional! 

Nowadays, many people think placing a pool isn’t a big deal, just bring some tools, and you are done. But that’s not how it works. 

It doesn’t matter how many YouTube videos you watch or blogs you read about installing a pool is impossible on your own. That’s the reason why many homeowners prefer hiring professionals for this work. 

However, if you still have doubts or still believe you can place a pool on your own then make sure you read this article till the end. Since today we are going to talk about hiring professionals vs. self installing a pool, what’s better? 

Can You Build Your Own Above Ground Pool? 

The honest answer to the question is Yes! It’s possible, however, it’s never recommended to do it all by yourself. Even if you take help from your friends it’s not recommended. You may think it’s all about installing a pool’s structure on the ground, but that’s not the truth.

There are so many things you will need to think about like, proper tools, safety, good results, and time. Are you sure you will be able to complete your pool as fast as a professional? Or can you really create a beautiful pool like builders? The answer is straight no.

It’s because we don’t have any experience of such work which can make the situation even worse.

By considering the consumer reports of best above ground pools, you can definitely select a good above ground pool for you, but if there is any mistake in the installation process, it would become the cause of worries rather than enjoying in that pool.

Also, people think DIY pools save money, but it’s just another myth. When building a pool on your own you exactly don’t know which materials and tools you will need.

You may need to go to the store and buy things like cement and sand again and again. Which may cost you a lot more than hiring a professional. It’s a waste of your money, time, and energy, which easily proves why installing an above ground pool on your own is a bad idea.

So, if you are convinced, let’s take a look at the advantages of hiring professionals so that you can get the work done and enjoy your summer!

Why You Must Hire Professionals For Installing An Above Ground Pool?

There are so many benefits of appointing professionals or a pool construction company over doing it yourself, here are some of them:

1. They Are Experienced

For any type of task, experience is necessary. It doesn’t matter whether you are cooking food or building a pool, if you aren’t experienced in that work then you may not get the outcome you expected. Pool builders have years of experience, they know how to install a pool very well, which makes this process really easier.

Lastly, just make sure you ask your pool builder for their portfolio, otherwise, you might end up working with experienced people and may need to deal with unpleasant results.

2. It Actually Saves Your Money

As mentioned before, people think DIY pools are better because they save money, but the truth is that they cost more than any pool built by professionals. Building an above ground pool costs just a lot of money, firstly you will need to buy all the important tools for the pool.

Then materials like the pool’s structure, cement, and sand. Everything seems fine at this point but after that, the real problem begins, which is constructing the pool. Since it’s a DIY pool it’s guaranteed that you will make some mistakes, like damaging the structure.

If this problem isn’t fixed then your pool will continuously leak, therefore to fix it you need to either buy a new structure or hire a professional to fix it. You may make any mistakes like this which can only be fixed by a builder. This proves if you try to build a pool on your own, you still have to hire a professional.

3. They Can Do It Faster

The best thing about professionals is that they will complete your project under the given deadline. But with DIY pools this is totally a different case, since you are the only person working on you may take weeks, or even months.

On the other hand, experienced builders will finish the work really quickly. The average time a swimming pool company takes to completely install an above ground pool is one or two weeks, which is so less when compared to a do-it-yourself one.

Also, while building this pool you will have to worry about family, job and social life which can make the process even lengthier. Additionally, there are chances you might lose motivation of setting up your own pool and then stop working on it.

That’s the reason you must leave this work to professionals, they will finish it under the given deadline so that you can enjoy your summer with ease.

4. They Deliver Promising Results 

No matter how hard you try you can never build better than a professional because they are experienced, they have done this hundred of times. 

Professionals are good at designing too. You can ask them for any design on your pool, but if you try to do it on your own you might mess things up. While building it on your own you may think you are doing great, but after it’s finished you will realize it’s not the pool you wanted. 

Contrary, builders will surely give you what you expect, you can trust them with your eyes closed and they will never disappoint you. 

Not to mention, a pool built by experienced workers will last for more than 15 years, but a pool by a normal person is very likely to get damaged continuously, so you may need to repair it again and again. 

5. Hiring Professional Keeps You Safe 

Everyone knows construction is a really dangerous type of work, especially if it’s your first time or you are working with unprofessional people. 

You don’t know what might happen next which puts your safety at risk. Working with professionals is way safer because they have good tools and always make sure their customers don’t experience any difficulty. 

This easily proves why you must always choose professionals and avoid DIY projects! Especially involving many tons of water above ground.

6. They Will Give You Access To Best Deals 

Constructing an above ground pool requires just so many materials and supplies and those who are buying such things for the first time might face difficulties. It’s hard to decide which brand will guarantee you the best ones, that’s why you must listen to a pool contractor. 

They will properly tell you about the best materials and supplies, they will also tell you about the right quantity so that you don’t have to visit the shop again and again. And not only limited to this, but they will also guide you better regarding financial support

Furthermore, some shopkeepers always look for chances to scam new people into this field and if you build a DIY pool such things are a lot likely to happen to you. Shopkeepers may sell you bad tools at high prices which can be a big loss of money. 

Being with a contractor can help you get a discount since they regularly buy their important stuff from such places and in this way getting scammed is also hard, so make sure to work with a pool contractor who can provide you with such great benefits and save your money as much as possible. 

7. You Don’t Need To Worry About Permits And PaperWork 

Maybe you didn’t know this before but installing a pool in your backyard requires a permit. If you are installing it alone then you may make so many mistakes with this permit and when this happens you will need to refill your application which can make the process lengthier. 

Sometimes it may even take months, which means just one mistake and enjoying summer in your own pool may get destroyed. 

Professional contractors are familiar with these types of paperwork, they can help you fill forms and may make your application get submitted faster sometimes. If you are facing any problems then they will help you with it and then your work can get done really easily. 


So, did you change your mind about building an above ground pool on your own? This process has so many difficulties, sometimes it can be impossible too. 

However, if you hire a professional pool builder then you can be stress-free and watch your pool being installed from scratch. 

Above we have mentioned many benefits of hiring them. That’s why make sure whenever you have an urge to build an above ground pool, you always hire professional builders!

At abovegroundpoolbuilder.com we can serve you with the best and reliable pool installation service and you wouldn’t have to worry about anything.

If you want to install an above ground pool yourself, that’s all fine but in case you want the best and hassle-free results, let us help you out.

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