How Long Do Radiant Pools Last?

Radiant pools are popular for their durable construction and countless customizations. They offer more shapes than any pool dealer in the country. However, potential pool owners typically want to know how many years they’ll get out of their pool. A Radiant pool’s longevity is split into two parts: the liner and the foundation.

Radiant pools last 40 or more years, while the liners last between 20 to 40 years. Proper liner care with regular scrubbing algae prevention and non-harsh chemicals will ensure you get the most out of your Radiant pool. These pools also include a lifetime transferable manufacturer warranty.

Throughout this post, we’ll break down the average Radiant pool lifespan, why these pools last so long, and all the details you need to know about their warranties.

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The Average Lifespan Of Radiant Pools (And Factors Affecting It)

The average lifespan of a Radiant pool is between two to four decades. Radiant Pools quotes a satisfied customer who’s had their Radiant pool for over 40 years without replacing the liner. Considering most vinyl liners last about 10 to 15 years, a 40-year liner lifespan is extremely impressive.

Here’s a list of factors that affect how long your Radiant pool can last:

  • Proper chemical usage and balancing will make your Radiant pool last longer. No swimming pool can withstand poor water chemistry. Always check and maintain the pH, chlorine, alkalinity, salinity (even in non-saltwater pools), calcium hardness, CYA, and phosphates. Avoid harsh chemicals since they can damage the vinyl liner.
  • The installation company undoubtedly plays a role in the pool’s longevity. Radiant Pools manufactures and sells its swimming pools through various dealers. These dealers hire contractors to install the pools. Make sure you go through a reputable dealer that’s licensed and approved by Radiant Pools before getting a quote.
  • Adequate winterization and summer openings make a big difference. When you winterize a Radiant pool, you need to shock it, partially drain it below the skimmer, plug every hole, and cover it. If you don’t follow these suggestions, the pool could freeze and crack the plumbing, liner, or equipment.
  • Your Radiant pool’s positioning (inground, above-ground, partially inground) influences how long it’ll last. Above-ground pools are naturally more exposed to people, pets, and other things from hitting them. However, inground pools are more susceptible to earthquake damage. Neither is better than the other, so base it on your location and which natural disasters occur more frequently in your area.

As with all swimming pools, proper maintenance is irreplaceable. It’s also essential to have a solid foundation below the swimming pool. For example, a Radiant pool can slouch and sink if it’s sitting on wet soil. Fortunately, most pool contractors know what to look for before installing any swimming pool.

Why Do Radiant Pools Last So Long?

Radiant pools last so long because they’re made with multiple layers of aluminum and a solid two-inch core. They also provide unparalleled insulation, preventing hot and cold temperatures from expanding the aluminum. Furthermore, they’re made with top-of-the-line vinyl liners that outshine the industry.

Let’s analyze each of these reasons in detail.

  1. Two external coated aluminum layers: Aluminum is a popular choice in the swimming pool industry because it’s lightweight, affordable, and durable. Furthermore, Radiant Pools doubles the industry standard to create a crack-proof, leak-proof design. It also prevents metal expansion and contraction from fluctuating temperatures.
  2. Durable EPS core: Above Ground Pool Builder explains the two-inch EPS core is stronger than a foot of concrete when combined with the aforementioned multi-layered aluminum walls. 
  3. Incredible insulation unseen throughout the pool industry: Temperature insulation is often overlooked by pool designers. However, it’s one of the main reasons Radiant Pools has been around for so long. Your pool won’t have nearly as many cracks, broken pieces, or dry liner patches since it can’t get too cold or hot.
  4. Designed to fit your backyard: Most swimming pools are cut and installed based on four to five designs. That being said, Radiant Pools customizes your pool to fit your yard’s soil density, shape, and size. You can find the perfect pool to suit your needs, ensuring that it lasts for several decades down the road.
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Another reason Radiant pools last so long is that they’re crafted to order. Many swimming pool companies manufacture hundreds of pools, shipping and installing them all over the place. However, these pools are made with energy-efficient materials to ensure you get a high-quality, customized experience.

Are Radiant Pools Covered By Warranties?

Radiant Pools are covered by multiple lifetime warranties. Additionally, these warranties transfer to whoever owns the house. You can sell your home and transfer the title to the new owner, letting them have non-stop pool coverage for the remainder of the pool’s lifetime. Radiant Pools also offers winter protection services.

One of the best ways to know how long a swimming pool will last is based on whether or not they have long-term warranties. While most swimming pool companies offer five-year or ten-year contracts, Radiant Pools has around-the-clock customer service and life-long warranty agreements.

If you upgrade to the company’s winter warranty program, your swimming pool will be protected from freezing, cracks, liner fractures, and more.

Here’s a list of stipulations applying to the lifetime warranty:

  • This is a manufacturer warranty, which means that it only protects and replaces issues caused by manufacturing defects (not user error).
  • The contract typically doesn’t include a free liner replacement beyond the agreed vinyl liner coverage period (case-to-case protection).
  • Failure to abide by the company’s recommended winterization procedures will void the winter protection warranty.
  • The warranties typically don’t protect the plumbing or equipment (those usually have separate warranties backed by whichever brand you choose).
  • Radiant Pools offers a non-prorated warranty, which means everything is replaced with a like-new part rather than charging a sum based on the age of the replaced part.

Final Thoughts

Although Radiant pools are often made with vinyl, they last longer than the vast majority of above-ground pools. Whether you prefer an inground, above-ground, or partially in-ground setup, Radiant offers an array of long-lasting customized pools.


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