How to Purchase An Above-Ground Pool Online

You decided no more crowded beach visits, and you are getting a swimming pool this summer. You want a pool, deck and you want it heated. But you have never cared for a pool in your life? How do you purchase a pool online when you don’t know anything about above-ground pools?

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how to buy a pool online

Join me as I go online and purchase an entire pool package, and I show you what you’re going to need.

What do you need to start swimming right away?

1- Quality above-ground pool
2-Thick quality liner to hold the water in the pool
3-Sand Filtration system for circulating the water and trapping small particles (Including Filter Sand)
4-Sanitation system to clean bacteria and other contaminants from the water
5-Pool cleaning and maintenance kit for a physical cleaning of the entire pool. There are a million other things you can get, but this is the basics for swimming right away.
6-Two Water Shut off valves.

So how do you make this online purchase?

When shopping online for an above-ground pool package. It can be like entering a minefield while at the same time being blinded by the sun! It’s not fun, and you’re probably going to suffer from a lack of pool experience. The online traps are real, and they are all designed to sell you stuff you may or may not need.

what should you get?

If I were a homeowner and wanted to purchase an above-ground pool, I would have never done this before. I would try buying local. You can get far better advice shopping face to face than online.

But you have decided that saving a few bucks is the way you want to go! I can still help you. Sure I recommend buying the basics online and then adding anything else over time. It will save you from making large purchases upfront. You don’t need 100 different things. So add the items you want most after installing and after you experience your pool for a season.

You may want to put more into a deck than you first thought. Buying the basic pool package to get started is the best way to go in my opinion.

round or oval
round or oval pool?

The common pool questions always arise:

What size pool, shape, what kind of filtration, what do you need for sanitation, saltwater or mineral systems, Resin pool, Steel Pool, hybrid pool, is Chlorine the cheapest, ladder or steps? Excavation needs, Base materials, Pool Padding, do I need a Solar Covers, etc.” I have made videos about all these topics on my YouTube Channel. Above Ground Pool Builder YouTube Channel.

I see people buying a pool and letting the website steer them to other items. Or they’ll go to call them up and the website salesperson walks them through a mind field of essential features they need? Or do you?

I get customers asking if we install pools bought from elsewhere. The short answer is yes, but I say it with trepidation because not all pools, liners, and filtration systems are the best quality.

Generally, our customers know more from our visits than prior. Very good for folks in our local area, but what about you? Can we similarly help you?

I am confident I can help you if you are not in our area?

The following video is about the four basic steps you’ll need to start. Watch this before shopping for a pool. Frequently folks will not consider these starting steps.

The 4 Starting Steps to Above Ground Pool Ownership are

1-Pulling a Permit with your city or town
2-Find an electrician
3- Find a qualified Pool installer
4- Hire a deck contractor if you’re building a deck

Four Starting Steps to Pool Ownership

Let’s say you have no trouble with permitting or hiring an electrician and finding a pool Installer and deck installer who will help you with the process.

You’ll still need to purchase a pool package. Believe it or not, this is where most people need the most help!

Online is where most of you will start your journey for an above-ground pool. It’s not a far stretch for you to purchase a complete pool package there as well.

The 11 Possible Pool components you will need are:

  1. Above Ground Pool
  2. Liner/ Liner Pad
  3. Skimmer/ return
  4. Filtration system
  5. Sanitation system
  6. Ladder or steps
  7. Heater
  8. Deck
  9. Pool maintenance kit- Cleaning kit
  10. Winter kit
  11. Floats, solar cover, toys, alarms, and all other accessories you might find online!
equipment and accessories
Pool Equipment

Exactly what you need will depend on your yard, swimming needs, and preference for certain accessories.

To deliver value today, let’s stick with the topic at hand. You are buying the basics so you can start swimming.

What are some good Online Stores?

As an above-ground pool company, it is not my intention to say who is best or who is the worst. You will know by the level of education they can provide for you. Be careful of the ones that have the largest footprints and the largest marketing efforts. They aren’t always the best places. Try to go local if you can.

We help people when they buy online. We are asked all the time if they can send over their invoices to see if they made the right decisions. It’s not my business model but if I can help I will. If someone is willing to pay me for my time I will help more. I can’t just sit at home answering emails and phone calls all day and not make a living.

Check out the following Mock video Purchase Online.

It’s a mock purchase based on a customer wanting a quality 24ft round resin pool with thicker beaded liner and excellent and easy to operate sand filtration system, traditional chlorine sanitation, a ladder to pool steps entry system, heater, 2 water shut off valves, and basic maintenance kit. I’m going to add in potential installation and electrician costs. So you can get the total costs involved.

The potential costs to a person at the pool factory would be between 14-15k.

Do you feel I could help you with a one-on-one phone call? Perhaps I could help you with your purchase or your installation by answering all your questions pertaining to pool and installation? Phone consultations are available. email me at

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