Chlorine and Algae
Chlorine tablets are the most common and efficient sanitizer to use in above ground pools. These tablets are compressed so that they dissolve slowly and steadily release free chlorine into your water to wipe out bacteria and keep your water clean. Chlorine also comes in...
Keep the Water Clean
The pump and filter form the heart of any above ground pool maintenance program, helping to keep your pool water clear. Pumps provide the force to circulate the water and push it through the filter. Ideally, you want to turn over all of the water in an above ground pool within...
Winterizing the Pool
Pools that are above ground have to be winterized every year. It is very important that you winterize the pool to allow a fast and uncomplicated pool opening in the spring. You do not want the above ground pool to become dirty or to be damaged by freezing water. If you take a few simple steps to winterize the pool, you will not only protect your pool from harm, but will also ensure an easier time later on. Here are the steps required to winterize your above-ground pool.
Repairing Leaks
Failure to repair a leaking swimming pool liner can cause damage to the ground around the pool and possibly the swimming pool. Always make repairs to your above ground pool as soon as possible to prevent further damages.

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