Pool Deck Modification Trick

When I first started in the above-ground pool installation business. There were only a handful of manufacturers and dealers serving the New England area. In the last 25 years, the pool industry has grown to include more than 50 different pool designs and many new sizes.

Thousands of pool owners face a huge dilemma when they go to replace an older pool with a new pool.

This is the single biggest struggle homeowners face when the new pool does not fit the footprint of the old pool. It can also cause major headaches for homeowners. The newer pool may be the same “swim size” but it can have different sized uprights, top rails, wall length, and or the new pool height is different.

Example: Let’s say you are replacing an older 24ft round pool that was 52″ in height. You previously purchased this pool 15 years prior to buying your new replacement pool. You built a nice deck around this original pool. Now it’s replacement time and the new pool is 24ft Round and 52″ in height. The same diameter as the original. Now, you would think you are all set right? Not so quick because once it’s being installed you find out you need deck modifications in order for the new pool to fit.


Because the new pool has larger or smaller top rails making its outside dimensions bigger or smaller than the original pool. It may have more or fewer uprights. This means the old upright locations will be different making the roundness a little different. When you have a deck halfway around the pool this means the deck will need modifications.

Homeowners are not prepared and were sold a pool that was the same size. It’s the online pool salesman’s secret weapon. “It’s the same size pool as your old one, so of course, it will fit.” This single sentence is responsible for millions of dollars worth of above-ground pool sales each year.

If you’re contemplating a replacement pool. Know the only pool that fits perfectly is the same exact pool you purchased originally. Which is practically impossible to accomplish. The next biggest thing you can do is get a smaller framed pool and install the new pool evenly as possible near the deck.

If you cannot get the same pool and your not sure how to purchase the correct size. Assume the worst and build the new pool in a way that will allow a deck modification. Check out Manna Innovations deck modification trick in this YouTube Video.

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