Pool-Frog Sanitizer Compared to Salt Water System?

What Does a Pool Frog Have to do with cleaning my Pool?

It’s a good question and one I get on every pool site visit. I am here to give you some information that will have you saying. “Just give me the Frog”

What is the Pool-Frog Sanitation System?

It’s an automated Mineral Pool Care System for swimming pools and Hot Tubs. It uses minerals like silver chloride, nitrate, silver oxide, colloidal silver, or silver ions.

Which are effective bactericides. Mixed with low levels of chlorine it keeps your pool crystal clear.

Bacteria gets destroyed

One of the main benefits of using this mineral system is that it uses about 50% less chlorine to clean your pool. Using less chlorine is good news for those with sensitive skin.

Is the Pool-Frog Mineral System better than a Salt system?

Salt systems are mineral systems. But there is one important difference about salt systems. The mineral salt gets added to the pool water and when it passes through the electrolyzer. It gets transformed into Chlorine.

It produces the same amount of chlorine that a chlorine-only pool produces. The Pool-Frog uses 50% less.

But is the Pool-Frog Cost effective compared to Salt System?

Salt System:

Salt systems have a high price tag when you first get one. Common above-ground pool systems like the Hayward Aqurite costs anywhere between $800-1,500. Depending on your particular setup. See Hayward Aqua-Rite Salt Generator system on Amazon for your information.

They also need yearly maintenance cleaning of the electrolyzer plates. They get scale build-up from usage and need cleaning. A common method is a 4:1 solution of water and muriatic acid. This service can be costly.

Most Pool pros charge between $150 and $300 depending on the time it takes to clean. Other than these higher costs the salt used costs less.

A 40lb bag of salt can cost as little as $20 per bag.


The Frog has a lower cost to entry than a salt system. You can see the price here on Amazon for the Pool-Frog 6100 Cycler with the mineral cartridge.

Water Flow Through a Frog

The installed mineral cartridge lasts for a whole swim season. You will need to replace this mineral cartridge once per pool season. The Frog also uses a bac-pac. Which are chlorine-filled cartridges that get titrated into the water.

After you buy the cycler and the mineral cartridge which is pre-installed. All you need is the bac-pacs every 2-3 weeks. You never have to touch chlorine as it’s super easy to change them out. Just pop the red tab on the top and plug it in. Throw the old cartridge in your plastic recycle and you’re done for 2-3 weeks.

The chlorine bac-pacs are available on Amazon and are a lot easier to ship than 40lb bags of salt.

If your pool has algae issues the Pool-Frog brand carries a product called “BAM”. One 90 minute application and your pool are algae-free. Bam Algae Cartridge on Amazon.

How are they installed?

The cycler unit goes between the outlet of your filtration system and goes to the pool water return. Standard pool water hose connects the cycler to both the pool return and the filter.

We find using them with a sand or cartridge system being the fastest and easiest to use. The cycler can be installed right at the filter’s head. This makes changing bac-pacs super easy.

Tests strips make it super easy to calculate water flow settings. Frog Test Strips on Amazon.

Frog Test Strips

Who owns the Pool-Frog brand?

King Technology is a company in Hopkins Minnesota. Llyod and son Joe King introduced the Frog mineral system for swimming pools in 1996. Today King Technology has 7 brands in the swimming pool care industry.

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