Pool Liner Replacement Day

Did you forget to ask what happens on the day your pool liner is replaced? It’s a bee-hive of activity from the get-go!

before and after

Above-Ground Pool Replacement (The Process)

We arrive and knock on your door, let you know, we have arrived. If you’re present, we will introduce ourselves and give you a rundown of what s taking place in the next few hours. If not we will already have your permission to start.

One of us will check your power outlet is working and will also check your outside water hose is getting water to it and, that the hose will reach the pool.

Another worker will unload our tools and get them to their proper destination. Like placing a vacuum near the skimmer area, layout extension cords, setting up proper drill guns with the correct tool-bits, etc.


At the same time, one of us will jump into the pool to remove the old liner and take apart the skimmer and water return.

At the same time, we will take apart the top of your pool to get at the liner attachment and remove it.

Once the old liner is removed, we’ll resurface the base to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Resurfacing The Base and Hanging the Pool Liner

Liner Removed

The old liner is cut up and placed in bags for easy disposal. We will place them where you like or if you aren’t present, we’ll place them on a surface that isn’t grass. Leaving them on grass can turn the grass brown.

When we are ready to install the new liner we’ll make sure to place a vacuum into the return hole careful not to come near the floor and tape off the skimmer opening for proper suction. This is necessary for a wrinkle-free installation.

The new liner is hung according to the type:

  • Beaded
  • Overlap
  • J-Hook
  • Uni-Bead
  • Multi-Bead

Putting the Pool All Back Together

At this time we will wait for the proper water level so that we can install a skimmer and water return.

Wrinkle free liner

If we disconnected any hoses in the beginning we will reattach them now.

Finally, trash is collected, liner warranty is given to you the homeowner, and payment is collected.

Pool Liner Replacement Day (Problems)

getting water out of a pool

Before we are hired for a pool liner replacement the customer is informed about the following issues that could slow down or cause us to come back on another day. Most though will have simple solutions and we exhaust our common sense before having to reschedule.

  • Too much water in the pool- The pool needs to be empty so that an old liner can be installed.
  • To many debris in the pool- Having a pool bottom filled with old tree branches and leaves is a common issue. It’s advised to have these taken out before pool liner replacement crews arrive. Most Installers do not like removing months or years of fallen leaves and branches before they can get to work.
  • Electrical outlet is not working- When it’s time to place the vacuum behind the new liner and use it to prevent wrinkles. Sometimes the outside outlets are shut off or are in disrepair. It’s essential for crews to access to electrical outlet to provide the best wrinkle-free installation possible.
  • No water hose present or worse, No water is available- Installers need to put the first few hundred gallons of water as part of the replacement process. This one can cause a larger problem for installers. Not having water prevents them from re-attaching the skimmer and water return. It can also complicate removing wrinkles. It’s why we perform a test when we arrive and make sure the water is ready to go.
  • After removing the old liner, other issue discovered, wall rust etc. – The following is an extreme example and is why a pre-inspection is neccessary. The following picture shows a pool that is to far gone and needs replacement.
rusty pool wall
Rusty pool

Sometimes we do encounter slowdowns and do our best to overcome them. In the event that we are prevented from doing our installation. We will make arrangements to come back another day.
By going over this shortlist can save all of us time and energy.

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