Pool opening and the water level is low?

pool half filled with water
Water level low

What to do about low water levels when opening your above-ground swimming pool? And Pool Leaks, what to do?

I went to open my above-ground pool for the season and discovered my pool was half empty! What happened to all that water, and do I need a new pool liner? Let’s find out!

Springtime is that time of year when people remove their winter cover. People are discovering the water level in their pool is lower than when they had it closed.

This might happen once every few years, or it may never happen. But when it does, it creates many questions left the Installers cell phone messaging.

  • Do I need a new liner?
  • Do I have a leaky liner?
  • Have I never seen this before?
  • You suck; my pool liner is failing. I don’t mean to sound like a “karen,” but my pool has an Issue.

These are some messages I see. When it happens to you, I’m sure you’re more tactile when leaving your message.

The first thing might be to assume that your pool’s Liner has failed. This would be a wrong assumption to start with, depending on the previous winter.

It’s unlikely water levels will differ from spring to spring? But they can, and they will look at some point.

Why is the water level low?

winter pool
Winter and Pool

Considerable weight gathers on the top of the cover. You can have a considerable say on what your water level might be when uncovering the pool. In most cases, it’s Mother Nature! Snow, rain, leaves can cause much weight distribution.

The best course of action is to put some water into the pool and mark the top level. Wait a couple of days and look at your mark.

It will be clear if you are losing water during this first check. The water will go down faster than evaporation. Keep in mind there is evaporation itself.

A typical 24ft round pool can lose a 1/2 inch in a couple of days. Of course, this depends on the weather. Keep this in mind when going to look.

above ground pool builder

One must weigh the potential evaporation rate to what they are losing in water. Mark it and keep an eye on it. It’s the best way to know for sure.

What if I have a pool leak while running normally?

Check to see if your Liner is still under warranty. When your Liner
installed the box, it contained a warranty and how to register your Liner.

Most manufacturers only warranty the seams of their liners. Most issues with pool liners happen because of outside influences—falling Branches, Rough play, sharp toenails and, many other factors. But the core warranty is the seam warranty.

So if your Liner has a seam break, more than likely, it will assume warranty coverage.

Finding pool leaks can be challenging. If you cannot locate a leak, we recommend replacing the pool liner over hiring a company to search for a leak. Most leaks can be repaired with a patch kit only if the hole is less than 1 inch.

Locating one could take a while. Leaks aren’t always easy to find.

Paying a professional to dance around the inside of your pool never to find a leak can leave you frustrated.

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Suppose your Liner is under warranty, contact the manufacturer or the installer to help you. An installer can guide you to the correct outcome.

But if it’s not a seam nether, the installation company nor the manufacturer will be accountable. There are a hundred ways a pool liner can develop a leak. I’m just stating that if it’s a seam failure, it will be honored the quickest by the manufacturer.

Work with your installer to solve your particular issue. An installer can tell you if it’s a seam or something else. The funny fact is so, can you? Just look for seams and try to locate a seam break.

Sometimes it can be a leaky backwash pressure. That’s when the water trickles out the backwash hose and is not noticeable near the pool.

The best outcome is knowing you have a seam issue and the manufacturer’s warranty covers you.

Are ants Invading my Pools Liner?

Ants and other insects can work their way into the Liner. They may never break through the Liner, but hundreds of tiny little holes can create a soft spot in the Liner. Water can seep through without seeing an actual hole. Like I said before, pool leaks can be hard to locate.

Hiring a professional might cost you hundreds to figure out you need to change the Liner anyways. Why not jump in yourself if it’s warm and look for an apparent leak.

Typical spots to find a leak are on the seams and where the ladder or steps are. It is commonplace for a leak to occur.

Ants are Eating my Pool Liner?

DE Powder, which is Diatimatious Earth, is a powder used in DE Filtration systems. This particular powder helps fight against insects. Sprinkle a little before a new liner gets installed. Sprinkle a little around the parameter of the pool.

It’s said to be like fingernails on a chalkboard to bugs!

They will run, hide, and won’t become a future problem if you maintain this method. You could also contact an exterminator. After all, we are pool installers, not insect scientists.

We hope this was helpful to you today. Remember, pool leaks can be straightforward to solve with the correct information. We hope we have provided some today.

Will my pool liner shrink with no water?

The pool liner will shrink when it has no water in it. It can also shrink faster if exposed to the sun. It only takes a few days for this to happen in the sun. A trained eye is the best service to seek when this arises.

Liner Replacement-Johnny Weismuller

Remember when you uncover your pool for the first time in spring. Don’t be overly concerned if you see the water level down. If it’s empty, then you worry.

An empty pool is a 100% chance you’ll need a new pool liner. Chances are it’s been empty for a more extended period. Please seek a professional and start replacing it with a new liner.

I wrote a blog post titled “5 Steps to a Perfect Pool Liner Replacement.” I made several videos on YouTube on above-ground pool liners.

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