Why a Backyard Consultation is Paramount

Your faced with an above-ground pool replacement

You woke up after last night’s storm and found a tree that fell onto your above-ground pool. “Honey we’re going to need a new pool” A quick call to the Insurance company is your first phone call. After a short conversation, you let out a huge sigh of relief. Your homeowner’s policy will cover the damage.

With this vote of confidence, you get online and find the same size pool and it’s at a great price. You make the $5,000 purchase and what next? You call around for someone like me to install it for you.

While on the phone with me I ask the question “How do you know this new pool will work in the same space?” Your answer is because it’s the same size pool, how can it not fit? It’s at this time I let out a deep sigh, but it’s not a sigh of relief.

The first thing that pops into my head is the song by a group called Whitesnake who used to sing a song called “Here I Go Again” My tone isn’t as pleasant and you’re wondering why? Perhaps you think I’m using my contractor ploys and I’m trying to butter you up for more money.

Here I go again

That isn’t it! In fact, it’s the opposite I see my crew on installation day looking at me with the stink eye. Wondering how I could be so stupid to take on such a pool project especially given all my years of experience. The pool isn’t going to fit because of this reason or that reason.

Just because you buy the same size pool doesn’t mean it’s going to fit the same as the old pool. In fact, it has more of a chance to fit incorrectly. And it all could have been avoided by having a backyard consultation.

Top Reasons why your new pool won’t fit

  • Different Manufacturer designs
  • Different Frame size
  • Different Wall length
  • Deck in the way
  • The Metric system vs. Imperial System
  • Pool height

Yes, it’s true that above-ground pools come in standard sizes. However, manufacturers build these standard pools differently. Some have longer wall lengths. Some have a different number of uprights. Some have larger frames. Often times the design of a pool gets changed. All these differences are what make one pool different from another even if it meets a standard size.

The standard sizes are more accurate to the actual inside swimming dimensions of a pool and have absolutely nothing to do with the standard size of the frame of the pool itself. Every pool is different in one way or another. A simple example would be to look at the following two pools that are the same size.

24ft round
24ft round

Will the larger frame pool fit into the smaller frame pool space?

Not a chance right? Of course, this is an extreme example. But these differences can be so minuscule that you would never know by seeing a picture. Or you might believe a website’s opinion over fact. Or when talking to a salesman over the telephone he or she assures you it will fit. His commission doesn’t change if it fits or it doesn’t fit.

If someone cannot see your project requirements while standing in your backyard. Then chances are greater something will be overlooked. The fact is manufacturers change designs so often it’s getting harder and harder each year.

Metric or Imperial means nothing more than being inconsistent

metric vs Imperial

Canadian Aqua leader 24ft round pool is actually 23’10” in diameter. The American company Sharkline (which is built-in china) 15’x26’ is actually a 15’x26 1/2’! the pool wall lengths are manipulated. Why? By keeping the standard sizes intact it allows all manufacturers and distribution companies to sell over and over again.

Just like with all large producers. It’s all about their big profits and less about your backyard.

Deck and pool wall heights

pool wall heights

Pools come in 3 wall heights 48, 52 and 54” and soon there will be 56” why?

More space to swim yes but also more money and more installation requirements. If your new pool is higher than the old pool the ground it sits on will need a brand new excavation. Then you’ll need new base material as well.

There is one thing you can do to guarantee a good fit

Buy the same exact pool you bought before. Not the same size as we now know that is irrelevant. The same exact pool you’re first purchased will fit the best. If it’s been more than 5 years the chances of this become super slim.

Second, the best scenario is to get the same height pool along with a frame that has the same number of uprights and the frame itself is a little smaller in size. You may end up with a little deck work or landscaping after installation. But it’s better than tearing up half your deck to get a pool to fit.

Why a Backyard Consultation is Paramount


An installation pro visits your specific project before you purchase a pool. He or she can provide valuable information regarding the future pool dimensions. They can explain everything I’m telling you about today.


You might end need a written quote for your insurance company? A pro installer can help you create a better-written explanation of what you will need. This will help you when dealing with your insurance company. It’s better to get everything included in a written quote than to rely on the Insurance company’s failsafe methods. At least it’s better to try?

The sad truth is you will find many places selling pools but not many willing to sell you a pool after visiting your backyard. Go to a pool store and they will educate you in the store. But will they come to visit your property? Sadly not many do.

If you’re in the market for a new replacement above-ground pool? Please make sure to have a professional out to your property. It’s the best way to go.

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