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How Much for An Above-Ground Pool Backyard visitation?

I dialed up 20 above-ground pool installation pros from seven different states and asked if they charge for a first-time visit and what they might charge for this type of visit.

I got an average cost between $100.00 to $300.00 for a 1/2 to 1-hour visit. Like myself, these companies used to provide free at-home consults.

The most significant reason they do not give free visits is that people are starting to purchase new pools on the internet and ask questions regarding what they are looking to buy. They want the Installer to tell them what they should purchase over the telephone.

I can’t tell you how many ask me questions over the phone but never schedule a visitation.

The Above Ground pool builder

Some local retailers give out only reputable installers’ names from a list. But even these installers will not provide free visitation. If you buy a pool from a local store, their qualified Installer should provide you with a free, unbiased visitation. You know as part of the store and them being exclusive for you. But you hardly see this anymore.

In the above-ground pool installation field, we used to be a tight-knit community that would go out of its way to help one another. Nowadays, supply demands and material shortages have pushed many folks to purchase online.

The single most significant reason you should have a pool visit from an installer before you purchase a pool. This is so you don’t get the wrong pool for your needs or put the pool in a location that you might question later on.

We tell folks upfront how long it will take us to visit and the installation timeframe.