Pool Liners

Above Ground Pool Liner Replacement

How do you get the best pool liner for your above-ground pool?

It starts with an inspection of your pool and measuring for a correct fit. It’s not a good idea to replace a pools liner without inspecting and measuring.

  • Pool Inspection and Pool Measuring: We will schedule a time to come and inspect and measure your pool for a new liner. We will recommend additional items you might need.
  • Liner Selection: We’ll recommend the liner choices that make sense for your pool. We only have two thickness choices of 20MIL and 25MIL.
  • We charge 150$ for this visit. This amount is applied to your pool liner replacement. It’s not enough to just order a liner online just by size and type. Check out our blog post- 5 Steps to a Perfect Pool Liner Replacement

Pool Liner Thickness and Attachments

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Pool Liner Attachments


When you search online these days you are bombarded with so much sales information regarding liners. It’s virtually impossible to trust all the content. When I first started replacing pool liners the market offered two thicknesses 20MIL and 25MIL.

There are several different attachments like Un-Bead, V-Bead, J-hook, Overlap, Multi-Bead, JW, or EW Beaded. When you start with a visit from us you’ll avoid all the confusion of shopping online.


Mil vs gauge

Today you have denominations like gauge, heavy-duty, super heavy-duty, etc. It’s best if you just shopped by MIL denomination. It’s more accurate and your pool liner replacement will last longer. Simply buying a headline will spell disaster for the long term.


Pool Liner Accessories

Floor padding gives you peace of mind and extends your pool liner warranty. Armor Sheild extends your liner warranty giving you peace of mind coverage. Get a floor pad when ever-changing your pool liner.

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